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With the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act in October 2001, your legal right to privacy has changed. The Intellectual Freedom Committee is working to educate the library community about this legislation and its implications for libraries.

USA PATRIOT Act Brochure for Patrons
The CAL Intellectual Freedom Committee has updated its award-winning brochure on the USA PATRIOT Act to reflect the changes made in 2006. We encourage you to share information about the Act with library patrons by reproducing this flyer for distribution in your library.

Please note that the flyer is in Adobe PDF format and the content cannot be changed. You will also need Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher to download and print the brochure. [Download Adobe Reader now] The flyer can be customized with your library's name and contact information [see instructions below]. To save the customized fields you need the full version of Adobe Acrobat, but Adobe Reader is sufficient to print the customized document.

For the best results when reproducing this flyer:

  1. Fill in your library's information in the shaded box on the front of the flyer (lower right corner of the first page) by highlighting the current text, deleting it, and typing your library's name, address, etc. If you don't need 5 lines of information, simply delete the remaining line(s).
  2. Print originals on white paper for clearest copies.
  3. Copy pages 1 and 2 back to back onto white or light colored paper.
  4. Fold in thirds with the title "What Should you Know About the USA PATRIOT Act" on top and the production information on the back.

Frequently Asked Questions about the USA FREEDOM Act
Check this handout for a brief overview of the legislation, the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Act, and links to more information.

Guidelines for Law Enforcement Inquiries
How should your library respond to law enforcement agencies in this new climate? Use these guidelines as a framework for developing your own policies and procedures.

Legal Assistance with the USA FREEDOM Act
Two Colorado attorneys are offering a range of services related to the USA PATRIOT act, ranging from training and consultation to support during FBI visits. 


DISCLAIMER: This listing is provided for informational purposes only and cannot be considered an endorsement by the Colorado Association of Libraries or any of its constituent parts.