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Facilitator's Manual for Intellectual Freedom Training

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One of the primary responsibilities of the Intellectual Freedom Committee is to provide training on issues related to intellectual freedom. Since we can't be at every training opportunity, we've created a series of outlines that can be used to provide in-house training on intellectual freedom.

You may use these outlines to run a training session when it's convenient for you: during a regular staff meeting, as part of a in-service program, or as part of a conference or retreat. Each session can last from a half hour to an hour, and sessions may be combined to provide up to a day's worth of training. It's up to you - these outlines are designed to be flexible.

To keep costs down, materials for most sessions will be either available online or documents that you should have on hand (such as your library's mission statement). We do recommend a book or two that should be readily available through interlibrary loan if you don't have it in your collection.

If you have any questions about this facilitator's manual, please contact the IFC. We welcome your feedback!

If you don’t have time for a full training session but want to spend a few minutes talking about issues related to intellectual freedom, use one of these Scenarios and pick one that applies to your type of library. See also our Scenarios for TrusteesScenarios for Public LibrariesScenarios for Schools Librarians and Scenarios for Academic Libraries.