Julie Boucher Memorial

During Julie's five-year tenure with the State Library and the Colorado Department of Education, she was responsible for annual surveys and statistical publications for public and academic libraries. A passionate and outspoken opponent of censorship, she also served on the Colorado Library Association Board and chaired its Intellectual Freedom Committee. 

Julie J. Boucher Memorial Fund - Donate Today!

Established by Julie and Clive's parents and maintained by CAL, the Boucher Memorial Fund supports the Julie J. Boucher Memorial Awards and the annual Julie J. Boucher Lecture on Intellectual Freedom at the CAL conference. Contributions may be sent to:

Julie J. Boucher Memorial Fund
c/o Colorado Association of Libraries
PO Box 740905
Arvada, CO 80006-0905

Julie J. Boucher Memorial Award for Intellectual Freedom

Each year the CAL IFC seeks nominees for the Julie J. Boucher Memorial Award for Intellectual Freedom. Nominations may be made in writing to the CAL/IFC. The award is presented at the annual conference of the Colorado Association of Libraries. In 2003, the "Julie” award was expanded to include two categories: library and community. The following year, a more distinct line was drawn between the two awards by renaming the community award. The awards are as follows:

  • The Julie J. Boucher Memorial Award will be awarded annually to an individual or organization in the library community who actively promotes intellectual freedom in Colorado.
  • The Julie J. Boucher Community Honor Roll will also awarded annually and will recognize an individual or group in Colorado not directly affiliated with libraries [i.e., not an employee or volunteer in a library] that promotes intellectual freedom.

Nominations for the award may be made by anyone in Colorado. Individuals and groups are encouraged to nominate themselves for the award. Nominations are to be submitted in writing each year to the CAL IFC at [email protected]. Members of the CAL IFC will evaluate the applications based on the stated criteria. An award recipient will be selected when the committee believes an award is justified; awards may not be given in every year. The award will be presented at the annual conference of the Colorado Association of Libraries.

Nominators need to provide the following information:

  • Nominator name/contact info
  • Which award they are submitting a nomination for (the Memorial Award or Community Honor Roll Award)
  • Which person or group would you like to nominate?
  • How does this person or group promote intellectual freedom in Colorado?
  • Any documentation that they feel would support their nomination (newspaper articles, program fliers, meeting minutes, etc.)

Criteria for selection:

  • Anyone who is actively promoting intellectual freedom in Colorado is eligible for the Julie J. Boucher Memorial Award for Intellectual Freedom. Intellectual freedom is defined by the American Library Association as "the freedom to express one's beliefs or ideas through any mode of communication and the right of unrestricted access to all information and ideas regardless of the medium of communication used."
  • The ALA Library Bill of Rights offers expanded explanations of practices that are supported by the American Library Association to promote intellectual freedom.

Nominees for the award will be judged

  • on the role they have played in actively promoting intellectual freedom in their sphere of influence and beyond;
  • on the degree to which they exemplify the spirit of intellectual freedom; and
  • on the impact that their efforts to promote intellectual freedom have made.

Examples of evidence that may be used to demonstrate these elements are:

  • Written and approved policies and procedures relating to intellectual freedom.
  • A description of programming activities and other methods of encouraging intellectual freedom on a continuing basis in the locale where the nominee lives.
  • Documented reports of the role which the nominee has played in promoting intellectual freedom.
  • Any other relevant information which further elucidates the nominee's role in the promotion of intellectual freedom.

Past recipients include:

  • 2020 - Community Honor Roll: Morgan Perlman and Cooper Jones of Steamboat Springs High School
  • 2020 - Memorial Award: The Anonymous Librarians of Douglas County Libraries
  • 2019 - Community Honor Roll: Kimberly Chambers, Executive Director of SPLASH Youth
  • 2019 - Memorial Award: Sue Lathrop, Director of Lamar Public Library
  • 2018- Chuck Plunkett, CU News Corp
  • 2017 - Dianna Fricke & Gina Schaarschmidt, Challenger Middle School 
  • 2014 - Student Activists, Jefferson County High Schools 
  • 2013 - Jeffrey Beall, University of Colorado
  • 2011 - Susan Ison, Director of Cultural Diversity, City of Loveland
  • 2008 - Library Category: Mark Skinner, Alamosa High School
  • 2008 - Community Honor Roll: Kent Thompson, Denver Center Theater Company
  • 2007 - Library Category: Jamie LaRue, Douglas County Libraries
  • 2006 - Library Category: Fofi Mendez, Denver Public Library Commission
  • 2006 - Community Honor Roll: Tresa Waggoner; Kyle MacMillan
  • 2005 - Community Honor Roll: Norwood High School Students
  • 2004 - Library Category: Weld Library District Board of Trustees
  • 2004 - Community Honor Roll: Diane Carman, Denver Post
  • 2003 - Library Category: Sydne Caler, Pikes Peak Library District
  • 2003 - Community Category: Longmont Citizens for Justice and Democracy
  • 2002 - Joyce Meskis, owner, Tattered Cover Book Store
  • 2001 - Henrietta Hay, columnist, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
  • 2000 - Jamie LaRue, Douglas County Libraries
  • 1999 - Denver Public Library Commission
  • 1998 - Library Director, Board of Trustees, and Staff of the Montrose Library District

Julie J. Boucher Memorial Lecture on Intellectual Freedom
Since 1997, the Julie J. Boucher Memorial Lecture series has provided a showcase for speakers on intellectual freedom for the Colorado library community. With the financial support of the Boucher Memorial Fund, the CAL IFC has brought in a diverse group of authors, journalists, attorneys, educators, and librarians who all share a passion for intellectual freedom and have presented interesting and informative lectures at our state library conferences.

Boucher Lecture Series:

  • 2020: Alison Macrina, Library Freedom Project, Director
  • 2019: Kristin Pekoll, American Library Association Office of Intellectual Freedom, Assistant Director
  • 2018: Jim Duncan, Colorado Library Consortium, Executive Director 
  • 2017: Melissa Zimdars, Merrimack College, Assistant Professor, Communication and Media
  • 2016: Jame LaRue, American Library Association, Director of Intellectual Freedom
  • 2015: Barbara Jones, American Library Association, Director of Intellectual Freedom
  • 2014: Sarah Davidon, University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • 2013: Jeffrey Beall, Auraria Library, Carson Block, Carson Block Consulting, and Rick Rinehart, Rowman and Littlefield -- Librarians and Publishers: Ethical Challenges
  • 2012: Carrie Gardner, CEO, Clairmaxine Consulting -- Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll: Access for Minors in Our Libraries
  • 2011: Susan Ison, Director of Cultural Diversity, City of Loveland -- 33,069 E-Mails: How One Colorado Community Survived an Arts Controversy
  • 2010: Lauren Myracle, author -- I'm Sorry You Hated This Book: A Conversation with Censored Author Lauren Myracle
  • 2009: Marianne "Mimi" Wesson, professor, University of Colorado School of Law -- Unquiet Grave: The Hillman Case and the Law of Evidence
  • 2008: John E. Finn, professor, Wesleyan University -- Men Feared Witches and Burned Women: Fear and Intellectual Freedom in a Time of Terror
  • 2007: Nancy Kranich, former ALA President and ALA IFC chair -- Information, Civic Engagement, and Human Rights
  • 2006: Brent Hartinger, author -- The Geography of My Life: A Morning with Banned Author Brent Hartinger
  • 2005: Pat Schroeder, president of the Association of American Publishers and former U.S. Representative from Colorado -- Balancing Rights: Intellectual Property, the USA PATRIOT Act, and You
  • 2004: Michael Wilhoite, artist and author of Daddy's Roommate -- Daddy, Frank, and Me
  • 2003: Charles Levendosky, columnist and editorial page editor, Casper Star-Tribune --Civil Liberties and the USA PATRIOT Act
  • 2002: Marjorie Heins, National Coalition Against Censorship -- Intellectual Property and Intellectual Freedom
  • 2001: Christopher Beall and Steven Zansberg, attorneys -- Intellectual Freedom and the First Amendment
  • 2000: Patricia Calhoun, editor, Westword -- The Press and Intellectual Freedom Issues
  • 1999: Karen Schneider, American Libraries Internet Librarian columnist -- Shining a Light on Filters in Libraries
  • 1998: Alvin Schrader, professor, University of Alberta School of Library and Information Studies -- The Follies of "Censorproofing" - What Research Tells Us
  • 1997: Charles Harmon, ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee member -- Scrambled or Fried, Filtered or Not Filtered: Providing Internet Access When Your Library and Your Job are in the Frying Pan