START Committee


The Strategic Advocacy Response Team (START) is a formal standing committee of the Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL), and reports directly to the CAL Executive Board.

The charge of the START Committee is to:

  • Develop and lead CAL’s strategic library advocacy initiatives
  • Respond in a timely and effective manner to library advocacy issues as they arise
  • Explore new ideas and strategies at the state and federal level for strengthening libraries.


Duties and Responsibilities:

In order to provide long term, sustained, and proactive leadership on library advocacy strategic initiatives, and to generate timely responses to library-related issues as they arise, START is empowered by the CAL Executive Board to:

  • Directly act within the bounds of the stated mission of CAL to “Be the most powerful advocate for all library issues in the state.”
  • Form task forces of interested individuals as needed to work on specific long-term initiatives or short-term issue responses
START Committee
START Committee Co-Chair
Carol E. Smith
Colorado School of Mines