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The Division’s goal is to provide leadership and training so trustees and friends of public libraries will be better prepared to advocate for public libraries. Being an advocate means stressing the importance of public libraries in our democratic society, improving public library funding, influencing public policy, and ensuring free and accessible access to information for all. We want to help you turn your passive support of public libraries needs into educated action.

Please email the CAL Office [email protected] if interested in serving on this Divisions Board.

We recommend the ALA Trustee Academy webinar series for trustee orientation and board development. For more information, click here.

Important Documents:


Resources for New Trustees, Friends and Board Members

Colorado State Library Board Handbook

ALA Successful Library Trustee Handbook/available at many libraries or order at:

ALTAFF Trustee Academy Link – great webinars at a value price for new trustees:

ALA Library Advocates Handbook - downloadable

ALA Trustees, Friends & Foundations Web Page – excellent resource

ALTAFF Public Library Trustee Ethics Statement

CAL Intellectual Freedom Handbook

Colorado Library Law


Board Orientation Process

Trustee Handbook Contents

Meeting Agenda
Example 1-Arapahoe Libraries

Example 2- Poudre Libraries

Suggested Policies

Board Self-Assessment


Web Resources

Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL)

Colorado State Library

Colorado State Library (CSL) Library Law:

American Library Association (ALA)

Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC)

Library Research Service (LRS)