FEMA Funeral assistance for COVID-19 victims - American Rescue Plan

Tragically, over 564,000 Americans have died as a result of this pandemic, including many people in our community. If you or someone you know lost a loved one, support is available. 

Under the American Rescue Plan, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is now accepting applications to help pay for funerals of people who died from COVID-19. FEMA will pay up to $9,000 in costs per funeral, or up to $35,000 per application, to cover funeral costs including caskets, urns, burial plots, cremation and more. 

To apply for COVID-19 related funeral assistance or to learn more, visit FEMA’s website or call 844-684-6333. 

Colorado recorded more than 6,169 deaths due to COVID-19 over the past year. That’s thousands of members of our community who experienced unimaginable grief on top of the already difficult pandemic. The American Rescue Plan will not only help us beat this virus, support our small businesses, and safely reopen schools, but also relieve financial burdens for the most impacted families in our community. 

If you have questions on FEMA’s funeral assistance program or need help with any other federal agency, the office of Colorado Representative Jason Crow is available to help. Call them in Aurora at (720) 748-7514 or visit their website:

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