Conference Planning Committee

Colorado Association of Libraries Annual Conference (CALCON)

Colorado Association of Libraries: Conference Planning Chair and Co-Chair Responsibilities

The CAL Annual Conference is many things to many people. For the organization, it is a primary source of revenue. For CAL members, it is one of the primary benefits of joining the Association: the opportunity to attend the conference at a discounted rate and take advantage of the conference for professional development, network, hear new ideas, and get inspired. It is one of the few venues where librarians can meet with vendors from a variety of disciplines and learn about new products and services.

Serving on the CALCON Planning Committee is a very fulfilling way to support the Colorado Association of Libraries and have wide spread impact on the many members and libraries throughout the state. If you are interested in participating please contact:

2019 Conference Planning Meetings will be held on the second Friday of each month. Meetings will be held from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. with remote attendance options available. The meetings are open for you to attend if you are interested in the planning process. The meeting schedule is as follows:

The Objective of the Conference Planning Committee:

The purpose of the annual CAL Conference and CAL Conference Planning Committee:

  • Add value to membership in the Colorado Association of Libraries by meeting the professional development and networking needs of the members.

  • Generate enough revenue for the organization (CAL) to survive and thrive during the coming year to achieve its mission:
         Support Intellectual Freedom
         Provide Continuing Education Opportunities
         Pursue Legislative Initiatives
         Offer Professional Development
         Network with Librarians and Civic Leaders

  • Operate in a way that is transparent, communicative, and inclusive of the CAL Board and Executive Committee as well as the Associations, Divisions and Interest Groups in the planning process

CALCON 2019 Subcommittee Structure

Leadership Team

     CAL President
     CAL President-Elect
     CAL Treasurer
     Conference Chair
     Conference Co-chair
     Conference Past Chair
     Business Manager


Subcommittees are expected to meeting regularly and complete assigned work between Conference Planning Meetings. The subcommittee Chair or Co-chair will provide status updates at monthly Conference Planning Meetings. Typical subcommittees are:

     Vendor & sponsor relations
     AV/ Technology
     Activities & Entertainment


CALCON is part of the larger CAL organization as well as a vital part of others who serve libraries in terms of continuing education, coordination, and programming. These groups rely on the success of CALCON and the sustainability of the Colorado Association of Libraries and their support and buy in is essential to a well-run conference. Ideal Liaisons include:

     CAL President-elect
     Association Presidents (serve on the Programming subcommittee)
     Division and Interest group representatives
     CAL Legislative Committee representative
     Colorado State Librarian or State Library representative
     CLiC representative
     IFC representative

Conference Committee
Conference Committee Chair

Tiah Frankish
Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Conference Committee Chair
Rachel Hanson
Mesa County Libraries

Conference Committee Past Chair

Tiah Frankish
Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Conference Committee Past Chair
Anne Holland
Space Science Institute

Conference Committee Member
Shelly Whitelonis
Anythink Libraries