Conference - Site Selection Committee


  • Surveys potential sites for annual conferences for Executive Board approval

  • Negotiates contracts with the approved sites for Executive Board approval. May work with a site selection vendor as an agent of record if approved by the Executive Board.

  • Secures sites for future annual conference maintaining a venue at least 2 years in advance but not more than 5 years in advance. No more than a two year contract at any single site.

  • If an agent of record is used, site selection committee provides the executive board with an evaluation of the work done

Committee Members:

Site Selection Chair – This position is held by the past conference committee chair. This is a 1 year commitment. The candidate serves as chair the first year and may remain as a member on the committee as an option.

The site selection chair will appoint two members from the conference committee to be on the site selection committee.

The committee must have a minimum of 5 official members. from any of the following:

  • CAL President Elect

  • CAL Members in good standing

  • A vendor representative

  • CAL Staff member

Documents required for site selection that should be maintained from year-to-year:

  • Contract from the previous site

  • Financial records from the previous conference

  • A copy of the current RFP sent for proposals

  • All proposals from sites that can accommodate the group

  • Current Demographics from CAL staff:

  • Members and their location

  • Members who attended CAL and their location

  • Member breakdown by type of library who attended the previous year’s CALCON

  • List of vendors

  • List of vendors on the waiting list

  • A rubric for committee to use during site visits with minimum requirements


  • October: New chair is appointed

  • November: All Documents are sent to the chair from the previous chair and the management group

  • January: A new RFP is sent to sites for the next venue

  • March 1: Proposals are due from the vendors

  • March: The committee meets to schedule visits and eliminate non-potential sites

  • April–May: Visits are made to potential sites

  • June: Committee meets to select sites for the executive board for a vote

  • July: Executive board votes for a site

  • July–August: Site selection committee or agent of record negotiates the contract with site selection vendor

  • September: Board votes on the contract and the next site is reserved

  • October: Cycle begins again