Support Amendment 73!

CASL & CAL Say Yes to Amendment 73

Have you heard the news? Every senate district across the state recently submitted signatures to the Colorado Secretary of State's office to officially place Initiative 93, also referred to as the Great Schools Thriving Communities Ballot Initiative and now officially known as Amendment 73, is on the 2018 ballot! 

Amendment 73 will raise $1.6 billion a year in additional revenue for Colorado's public schools. It does not mandate how those funds are spent so that local school districts get to decide where resources are most needed. This means that school districts could potentially choose to use these additional funds to help pay for school libraries and school librarians. As Buffalo School Superintendent Rob Sanders points out, "It isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It recognizes the values and priorities of unique communities across the state." 

Colorado Association of School Libraries, in conjunction with the Colorado Association of Libraries, formally endorses Amendment 73. We ask for your support, as members of CAL, to help spread the word about this Amendment. We encourage you to do your research and read up on the Amendment. Here are two great resources to educate yourself:

The Great Schools Thriving Communities website at
Read the Colorado Association of School Boards Q&A on Amendment 73 at 

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