Colorado Authors League Free Writing Prompts in eBook for Teachers/Parents

Colorado Authors League has created a free ebook for teachers and parents looking for fun and practical writing exercises for students from 1st grade through high school. Prompts for Young Writers is available in English and Spanish as a free ebook or PDF download.

“Think of a writing prompt as a diving board,” said Colorado Authors League Co-President Barb Lundy. “An interesting first line gives storytellers a way to dive into a story.”  Colorado Authors League member Patricia Raybon, whose work has appeared in the New York Times and USA Today, offers this idea for 1st and 2nd graders: I could feel my bike tire skid, I knew I was falling... “That’s a great way to start a story. We like to discover and solve problems in the adventures we read.”

Bestselling author Todd Fahnestock sets up reader fun with this opening line for high school fantasy writers. “The dragon dipped its head, glaring at the dumbstruck group that had stumbled into its lair. “So,” the dragon said. “Where shall we begin?” Todd reminds young writers that it often takes several drafts of a story to get it just right. Access the book here:

We encourage everyone who finds the book useful to share the link with family and friends. Visitors to the Colorado Authors League site can also find additional books that have activity and teacher guides.

The Colorado Authors League was founded in 1931 as an organization of professional writers. Past Presidents include such notable Colorado authors as Clive Cussler, Rex Burns, and Margaret Coel. Learn more about CAL at

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