Futurist Interest Group (FIG)

Futurist Interest Group


The Futurist Interest Group (FIG) prepares CAL members to take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities to vitally serve their communities.


To address the rapidly changing world – technological, social, and otherwise, the Futurist Interest Group (FIG) engages in future-focused content from a broad spectrum of fields and consider implications for libraries. The FIG functions as a think tank: tracking trends, addressing issues relevant to Colorado libraries, and sharing their knowledge with members and member organizations.

  • FIG will:
    • vigilantly track emerging trends across many sectors and disciplines.
    • offer opportunities to library leaders and staff to embrace change through a mindset of proactive adaptation.
    • develop scenarios, cast predictive frames, and provoke discussion to prepare libraries to be future-ready.
    • provide opportunities to strengthen the future of libraries in Colorado through speakers, workshops, publications, and conference activities.

CALFIG meetings are on the 2nd Friday of every month.

Leadership Group
Kieran Hixon, Christine Kreger, Jamie LaRue

For more information, check out Colorado Association of Libraries Futurist Interest Group

To join this group, email [email protected]