Public Libraries Interest Group

Get Plugged Into PLIG!

The Public Libraries Interest Group [PLIG] meets once a quarter, virtually, on the second Tuesday of the second month of the quarter at 9:30 am.

February 9
May 11
August 10

At this time, all PLIG meetings will be held through Zoom. Below is the link to our virtual meeting room. See you there!

Our intent is to discuss myriad or myriad of [whichever you prefer] issues facing public libraries. Of course, this has currently involved how we function through a pandemic. 
Style: A mix of formal and informal 
Rules/guidelines: Must be a CAL member, this is a safe space - confidentiality is a must, and if you need to leave the meeting at a certain time you'll state that at the beginning of the meeting.

What does our basic agenda look like? 
We start out with a little roundtable to check in and see what's going on at each of our libraries.
Main discussion topic: This is chosen ahead of time and presentation/facilitation will rotate through group members.
Other business: announcements, etc.
and finally, 
The Complaint Department. We ask that members state up front if they're looking for empathy or suggestions. 
[Group members are expected to keep the discussions in this area confidential.] 

When things return to a more comfortable, in-person state, we plan to have meeting space/time with a presentation at the annual CALCON conference and will encourage a PLIG group presentation submission for one of the CALCON sessions.

If you have questions, please email Michelle Brandstetter or Claire Mattoon.